Drag&Learn is a software developed by evoline. Here is their description: 

The  product is a stand-alone e-learning solution that allows teachers to conduct lessons in the classroom with the help of tablet PCs. One of the main strengths of the solution is the use of tablets, since we expect that the gesture based interactions (e.g. moving a virtual object across the screen of the tablet with a finger) will further enhance the engagement of students.

The solution is composed of the following main components:

•              Learning material authoring (interactive worksheet creation)

•              Course management for teachers including scheduling, real-time progress follow-up of lessons and worksheet evaluation

•              Student’s terminal


Some of the main features include:

•              Software as a service, on demand platform (selling packaged, user hosted version can be also possible)

•              Simple, intuitive, platform independent, web based user interfaces

•              Easy to use worksheet editor

•              Support for interactive elements, including drag and drop

•              Collaborative authoring of the learning material

•              Flexible assignment (lesson) scheduling

•              Real-time follow-up of the student’s progress from the teacher’s interface

•              Evaluation of the student’s work

•              Centralized record keeping